25 May 2016

The consortium members of the European Project ERASMUS3D + meet in CETEM.

During this week the second meeting of the consortium formed by the Technological Institute of Karlsruhe (Germany), the STP technology park (Slovenia), the International Centre for the Promotion of Education -CEIPES- (Italy) and the Centre is taking place in CETEM technology Furniture -CETEM-, for the implementation of ERASMUS3D + project, based on 3D printing technology.

This project, funded by the European Commission's main objective is to develop a training course online and free 3D printing and launch a series of online seminars (webinars) on different facets of 3D printing. These seminars will be especially aimed at learning this new technology for application in the industrial field as it is in this area that is expected to further growth and use. Not surprisingly, the European Strategy Industry 4.0, also called connected industry, considered the "additive fabrication" or 3D printing as one of the fundamental pillars to increase the share of industry in the economy.

E3D partners + project met for the first time in November 2015 in Karlsruhe (Germany). The main objective of this first meeting was the launch of the project, once approved by the European Commission, established timetable, objectives and main tasks. Participants had the opportunity to discuss in detail the steps and expected results.

During the second meeting of the consortium, held on 24 and 25 May in CETEM, it has analyzed the training offer that exists in Europe and the views of users on it, obtained through a questionnaire prepared by the partners, which involved various experts in this technology and other stakeholders such as Universities, VET students, Chambers of Commerce, Regional Development Agencies, etc, in order to create a report on the industry 3D printing parts. The data obtained from this survey have been analyzed to then establish the next steps for the development of the learning content of the course, so as to improve existing training and provide greater competitiveness for Habitat Sector. The course will be completed in October 2017.

CETEM is part of this consortium because of the great experience it has in the field of 3D printing, which has been working for more than 13 years, during which he has worked with a variety of types of printing systems becoming and one of the pioneers and most experienced in the use of these technologies technology centers. It currently has a department specialized in this field, doing work in the field of fast for many companies from very different sectors prototyping.

This project is co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + program and has a total budget of nearly € 300,000.

More information on the project website: http://www.e3dplus.ceipes.org/

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