06 Apr 2017

CETEM hosts the second meeting of the SUPPORTABILITY project for the employment inclusion disabled people

This project involves six organizations from the United Kingdom, Turkey, Portugal and Spain to train company personnel in the field of mentoring workers with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities.


The SUPPORTABILITY project has been approved by the European Commission within the call for Erasmus + projects of the Strategic Alliance for Vocational Training and was born as a tool for the labor integration of people with disabilities within the furniture and wood sector.

To this end, the consortium of this project is working on the creation of a guide to help educate company personnel throughout the chain of command of companies in the area of mentoring workers of this group, especially during The first phases of adaptation to the different jobs.

In 2015, the European Commission published the report 'European Disability Strategy 2010-2020: a renewed commitment to a barrier-free Europe', which stated that only 50% of people with disabilities in Europe are employed.

Although much work is currently being done to improve the training received by people with disabilities so that they can obtain the necessary skills to enable them to actively contribute to the labor market, there are hardly any initiatives to support SMEs in their efforts To include them within their companies.

During the first few months of the project's life, partners have focused on a comprehensive study across Europe to collect the problems of furniture companies in order to effectively incorporate people with disabilities, but also to retain them and to comply With the rules of the European Union for the incorporation of the labor force.

The training content developed through SUPPORTABILITY will allow companies to have a defined strategy that allows them to adequately accommodate employees with physical, sensorial and intellectual disabilities, and to be able to give them the support they need during their first weeks of adaptation to the job.

Representatives of the six participating organizations were present at the meeting held today at CETEM: the SSCD Disabled People's Association of Turkey, the Spanish Professional Teachers' Association in Wood (Profemadera), the British Association of Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) , The companies Apload (Portugal) and Searchlighter (UK) and the Technological Center of Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia (CETEM).

The project has a planned duration of two and a half years, and has a total budget of € 324,000, of which € 68,000 will go to CETEM.