23 May 2017

European project Beyond 45 holds its third meeting

The goal of the project is to develop a training program to stimulate the employability of unemployed persons over 45 years of age by increasing their professional skills in relation to the existing demand in the current labor market.

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Brno (Czech Republic) hosted this week the third meeting of the consortium of the European project Beyond 45.

The aim of this project, which involves six organizations from Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Spain, is to improve the job prospects unemployed people over 45 years old through a free and online training course .

This course will cover certain training gaps related to electronics, new product integration, automation, engineering in new materials or production technologies.

The development of the training program will stimulate companies to hire this type of workers over 45 years of age by increasing their skills in ICTs, home automation, intelligent furniture and consumer electronics.

In addition, a methodology and an educational material will be developed through a multilingual e-learning platform, which will serve to develop skills in the field of entrepreneurship, promotion of creativity and innovation, development of communication skills and information and communication technologies.