04 Jul 2017

CETEM creates an International Master's Degree in Furniture based on labor mobility

This project involves seven organizations from Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland and Spain to develop an international master's degree for the furniture sector that promotes labor mobility in Europe.


The Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood (CETEM) hosted this morning the second meeting of the consortium of the European project IM-FUTURE, developed within the framework of the Strategic Alliances of the Erasmus + Program, whose objective is to offer new opportunities of study and vocational training to more than four million people in Europe between 2014 and 2020.

The European furniture sector is a key driver of sustainable growth, contributing significantly to Europe's overall economic health, competitiveness, creativity, innovation, employment and commerce: just over a quarter of the world's furniture production is manufactured in the European Union.

However, the lack of professional skills coupled with the aging of the workforce and the inability to attract younger workers, remain some of the most problematic issues in the furniture and wood sector.

It is precisely for this reason that the IM-FUTURE project aims to boost the modernization of the sector by promoting labor mobility, knowledge transfer and industrial innovation thanks to an international master's degree, through which European youth can be incorporated to the labor market by offering an added training value.

Thus, the main objective of the project is the elaboration of the contents of an International Master's Degree in Furniture which is endorsed by the member countries of the consortium so that the knowledge acquired is valid in any country and therefore favors the labor mobility of students who have completed this master's degree.

To this end, the IM-FUTURE project has brought together a consortium composed of seven entities from regions highly influenced by the furniture and wood industries: the New University of Buckinghamshire (UK), the University of Murcia (Spain), the Università degli Studi di Camerino (Italy), the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland), the British Furniture Manufacturers Association, the COSMOB Wood Technology Center (Italy) and the Furniture and Wood Technological Center of the Region of Murcia .

The IM-FUTURE project has a duration of two and a half years, with a total budget of € 364,000, € 81,000 of which will go to CETEM.