10 Apr 2018

The pilot course of the European project ECOSIGN begins in Spain

The goal of the project is to train product designers in technologies that help reduce the environmental impact of items created within the food packaging, electronics and textiles industries.


The ECOSIGN project, in which CETEM participates along with 11 other organizations from Slovenia, Italy, Romania and Spain, is heading towards its final stage through the validation of the developed contents.

Through this European project, a new joint study plan and a training course for European eco-designers have been developed, in which the skills and competences of designers and new environmental technologies have been added.

It is thus intended to break boundaries between the manufacturing industries by creating common procedures and skills in ecological design that could be applied independently of the sector in question.

Once the development of the teaching material has been completed, four pilot courses are being carried out, one in each of the participating countries, where students and workers from the sectors of food packaging, electronics and textiles will be able to provide their impressions for Thus, we can implement future improvements for the end of the project next October.

In Spain, the Food and Canning Technology Center has been commissioned to carry out the pilot course, which is being developed during the months of April, May and June. The next face-to-face sessions, in which CETEM will participate, will be held on May 2 and 21.