26 Sep 2018

CETEM is employed at the labor incorporation of the persons with auditory disability across the European project SWING

The project's goal is increase the employability of people with hearing disabilities in the sectors of furniture, tourism and restoration through the improvement of their communication in the work environment through a sign language video- dictionary and mobile application.


People with hearing impairment claim "feeling foreign in their own country". According to the data of the World Health Organization, one of each six of the adults in the European Union suffers from a hearing loss large enough to negatively affect their daily lives, which in many cases allows us to obtain and keep a job.

The last Survey on Disability, Personal Autonomy and Situations of Dependency carried out by the National Institute of Statistics. reflects that in Spain there is something more than a million people who have a hearing disability of different degrees and types. Among them, there are around 13,000 people who use sign language.

The possibility to communicate orally without to depend on third parties or on the support of his families the principal factor that the users emphasize polled at the moment of acquiring autonomy in his labor life. And it is that to have a work supposes obtaining only a source of income, but also it is a fundamental tool across which forming a part of a community.

The project aims to support hearing-impaired people at the workplace by developing a Sign Language Dictionary on Technical Terms for jobs in the field of furniture, cooking and tourism. An application will be developed containing the dictionaries with short videos for each technical term.

The project will  created a platform where it can be consulted different conections between languages, 5 spoken languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German and Hungarian and 4 sign languages: Italian Sign Language (LIS), Spanish Sign Language (LSE), German Sign Language (DGS) and Hungarian Sign Language. Apart of the word, it will be available explanations in sign language and other important information.

The consortium of this project is composed , the International Centro for the the Promotion of Education and Development (Italy), the Italian Social  Federation for the Disability, the IInnovation in Learning Insititute(Germany), the Munka-Kor alapitvany for the hearing-Impaired people (Hungary) the  Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia (CETEM).

This project Erasmus + is financed by the European Commission and the total budget is of 374.935 €.