07 Mar 2019

The European project FURN360 defines its curriculum with a strong innovative and interactive character

Six organizations from Belgium, Germany, Spain and Finland will develop a training plan to implement strategies to facilitate the transition from a linear model to a circular model in the habitat sector


CETEM participates in the third meeting of the consortium of the European project Furn360 in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, in Germany, to plan, together with the partners of the project, the development of training materials on circular economy for the wood and furniture sectors, which will be developed with a strong innovative and interactive character, including videos and infographics.

In the framework of FURN360 project partners defined the Joint Curriculum of the future training on circular economy for the wood and furniture sectors based on a previous research on the industry needs. The proposed FURN360 Joint Curriculum has been validated by near 20 experts and companies around Europe, through several interviews and a survey.

Professionals from businesses associations of the furniture sector, universities, circular economy hubs, chambers of commerce, public authorities, companies of the habitat sector, etc. have been involved in the validation process. In addition, answers have been received from near 10 different European countries, ensuring a wide perspective and a European approach.

Conclusions of the validation process shows that the proposed FURN360 Joint Curriculum covers the necessary gaps for a transition to a circular business model in the furniture industry, and that FURN360 e-learning course will be a high beneficial tool for the whole industry.

To help in this matter, Erasmus+ project FURN360 has arisen with the goal to develop an European training curriculum and learning contents to implement strategies capable of facilitating the transition from a linear model to a circular model in the habitat sector.

The project consortium is formed by six associations from Belgium, Germany, Spain and Finland: EcoRes, a consultancy specialized in sustainability applied to organizations and territories who hosted the kick-off meeting in Brussels on December 11th and who is coordinating the project, the Innovative Business Association of Furniture Manufacturers of the Region of Murcia (AMUEBLA), the University of Vaasa, the Furniture Cluster and Innovation Habitat Center (CENFIM), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia (CETEM).

Among the expected results for FURN360 are:

• Encourage the creation of 'green' jobs and new business models along the value chain of the habitat sector.

• Identify best practices currently implemented in the sector in relation to the circular economy for its analysis and dissemination.

• Create flexible learning resources, capable of providing, evaluating and recognizing the key competences identified in the habitat sector in relation to circular economy.

At the end of the project, one multiplier event at each participant country will be carried out in the format of national conferences, seminars or events aiming at sharing and disseminating the intellectual results realized by the project.