16 May 2019

The European project BRACKET presents the first newsletter

The European project BRACKET aims to develop an innovative and open learning content adapted to the requests of the Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), concretely nanotechnology, biotechnology and advanced materials.


BRACKET project  (Boosting a novel and innovative training approach of Key Enabling Technologies), whose objective is transferring the knowledge related to Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) through the development of an innovative and open training content, continues to progress during this first six months of the project. 

Specially, the Consortium has prepared the first newsletter that compiles all the actions carried out so far as well as the first results obtained.

CETEM is taking part in this project with partners from Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Poland and Latvia.

In this initial stage of the project, the Consortium has carried out a desk research study to identify the most critical needs and skills regarding KETs as well as the training areas needed by target groups and other stakeholders interested.

Based on these conclusions, BRACKET partners will work to define the most appropiate Joint Curriculum. 


For more information, download the first newsletter here.