30 Apr 2020

The Bracket project publishes its third newsletter

The BRACKET project (Boosting a novel and innovative training approach of Key Enabling Technologies) publishes its third newsletter.

Copia de Nos sumamos a la lucha contra el COVID 19 (2)
It compiles all the actions implemented in the last six months. During this period, the consortium has completed the definition of the Joint Curriculum that will include its course, as well as starting the preparation of the training material. 

This material will consist of a manual and some slides, interactive elements to make learning more dynamic.

Likewise, in this bulletin we present an interesting article on how biotechnology is becoming a key technology in the COVID-19 crisis in which we are all being affected and we follow the advance of the virus from our homes with scepticism. Therefore, the partners of the BRACKET project want to give their vision about the importance of essential enabling technologies in this pandemic.

For more information, download in this link the third newsletter.