14 Jul 2021

Growing in innovation, adapting to the future

ALLVIEW and Remix-Tat projects united by innovation.


This month CETEM has shown to companies and other interested stakeholders the innovation project Remix-Tat, developed through mixed reality, able to provide companies in the furniture sector an innovative solution in the display of its catalogue. 

Experiences like this provide us with greater knowledge in the area of immersive reality technologies, which we can later put to value in other projects, as in the case of ALLVIEW. 

Currently, the European ALLVIEW project is working on the report "Selection of technologies related with AR, VR and MR"one of its main objectives, the introduction of new teaching tools and methodologies based on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D printing.

This report will include the state of art of the selected technologies, in the field of teaching and the description of those with more possibilities in vocational education in the wood and furniture sector. 


More information: CETEM website and ALLVIEW website