25 Jul 2022

D3PO held its first training seminar in Palermo

D3PO is a project co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program and aims to create an inclusive learning process based on game mechanics through 3D printable puzzles

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Last week CEIPES' headquarters in Palermo (Italy) hosted the first Learning-Teaching-Training Activity of the D3PO project. A team of 14 people including technicians, psychologists and 3D design specialists were trained for a week on technologies and 3D design. The knowledge acquired through this training will be applied by each of the partners in the design and printing of the therapeutic puzzles developed for neuropsychological rehabilitation, autism, learning disorders, active ageing and families with interaction problems. 

D3PO is an inclusive learning project based on playful mechanics through 3D printable puzzles. The idea came as a result of the growing popularity of escape rooms in recent years and their potential to promote the development of soft skills in participants.  

This European project aims to use traditional cognitive development mechanics such as puzzles with a modern narrative-based approach that can be distributed to the general public in a cost-effective and safe way through 3D printing.  

Ultimately, and through the development of a specific therapeutic protocol for each of the 10 puzzles to be developed by D3PO partners, the acquisition of skills such as teamwork, creativity or lateral thinking, which are very useful in the workplace, will be facilitated, while promoting inclusiveness, tolerance and the value of the individual as a fundamental pillar of the society of the future.