04 Apr 2023

SIBILA training course, validated by experts, entails four training modules

La estructura del futuro curso de formación SIBILA, co-financiado por el programa Erasmus+, ha sido aprobada por parte de los socios del proyecto tras la validación con expertos externos.


The structure of the future SIBILA training course, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, has been launched after the approval of all partners and external experts. The Joint Curriculum, based on the previous industry needs analysis, is the result of a cooperative work among all project partners that have design the learning pathway to ensure a good knowledge understating on technology watch and competitive intelligence by companies, with special focus in the furniture and textile sectors.


In addition, more than 40 external experts on technology watch and competitive intelligence from Europe have validated the proposed Joint Curriculum through a depth questionnaire. Their comments highlighted the great value of the proposed course and have improved the final Joint Curriculum of SIBILA course.


Finally, the Joint Curriculum divides the future learning course on 4 different training modules, with a total of 23 learning hours. Each module is composed by several learning units. The 4 learning modules are:


·        Introduction to TW & CI

·        Identification of strategic intelligence / TW&CI needs

·        Gathering the information

·        Information analysis and evaluation, and outcomes


You can have an overview of the SIBILA Joint Curriculum through this image: