22 Apr 2015

11th Design Olympiad guidelines

The theme of the Olympiad will be 'Design your furniture' and students must submit projects that reflect furniture products (tables, chairs, beds, chairs, cabinets, sofas...) incorporating new ideas on its use, materials, functions…

XI Olimpiada

Students of national Secondary Schools can participate and they may submit a maximum of three projects per student.

The following categories are established:
• 1st and 2nd of E.S.O.
• 3rd and 4th of E.S.O.


The deadline ends on Friday, May 29, 2015 at 14: 00h.


Students will have to make their drawings on the default sheet and attach one free format specification with a minimum length of a page where they indicate the project idea, the materials used and the audience being addressed.

Each student may submit up to three projects. Any type of procedure and material is accepted (watercolor, crayons…)

Projects must contain all student data: name, age, grade, complete address, phone, name of professor who he/she has done the work with and school’s name.

Projects that do not include all these data will be deleted, as well as those whose topic is not the stated in these guidelines.

CETEM will contact the respective winners and participant schools before the awards ceremony, making it public at the same time on CETEM’s website: www.cetem.es
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Projects should be submitted in a sealed envelope indicating its name to the address:

Technological Centre of Wood and Furniture in the Region of Murcia.
C / Perales S / N
30510 Yecla (Murcia)


For each category the following prizes (*) shall be provided:

• First prize: laptop and diploma.
• Second prize: tablet computer and diploma.
• Third prize: digital camera and diploma.

The awards ceremony will take place at the facilities of CETEM in June. Non-winning projects may be withdrawn during the week after the awards ceremony.

(*) Prizes may be subject to change depending on stock available.


The jury will be composed of the Director of CETEM, a representative of the City Council of Yecla, a professor of drawing or designer and an entrepreneur in the furniture sector.

The jury will take the agreements by majority vote and its decision is final. The jury may award honorable mention and special mentions to other projects.


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