13 Apr 2015

Held the third meeting of the Project Monitoring FINAPUR

The Spanish company Interplasp hosted in their facilities the third meeting of the national project Finapur, which is in its final stage of development.


This project, whose objective is the development of flexible polyurethane foams with improved fire behavior, has had a total duration of 30 months, and was funded by the Ministry of Economy and Finance under the INNPACTO 2012 call.

During this time of execution, the investigation has developed formulations of polyurethane foams having a flame retardancy charged over conventional foams used in upholstery and mattresses, with the addition of nanomaterials derivatives and other carbonaceous structures flame retardant additives, whose most remarkable characteristic is that halogenated reactives don’t exhibit high toxicity for the environment and human health.

The implementation of this project will open multiple markets to the applicant company for having developed a completely new, non-toxic product that provides greater security for the end user in case of fire.