29 Apr 2015

Seminar on Business Productivity at CETEM closed by Alejandro Zamora, director general of SEF

The event was inaugurated by José Francisco Puche, director of the Technological Center of the Furniture and Wood of the Region of Murcia.

Today was held at the facilities of CETEM the seminar 'How to improve business productivity: Lean Manufacturing', by Ignacio Tornos, managing partner of the consultancy AUREN, who possesses an extensive experience in the application of this technique to increase productivity in the industrial sector.

At the event, which was attended by Alejandro Zamora, director general of the Employment and Training Service of the Region of Murcia (SEF), and José Francisco Puche, director of the Technological Center of the Furniture and Wood (CETEM), twenty companies learned how to apply this technique to improve business competitiveness through increased productivity but without increasing dedicated resources.


The Lean Manufacturing system has its origin in the production system developed by Taiichi Ohno in the 50’s during his career in the automotive company Toyota. The superiority of this system was demonstrated when, in the 70's, during the oil crisis, Toyota recovered faster and less painfully than its competitors. This model is a work philosophy focused on process improvement through the systematic elimination of those tasks that consume resources but do not add value.

This seminar is part of the agreement signed by the EOI (School of Industrial Organization) and the Regional Employment Service and Training (SEF) to foster innovation and improve the competitiveness of small and medium companies in Murcia through a series of conferences to raise awareness and improve the capabilities of companies in certain aspects related to increasing and improving productivity.