06 Oct 2020

ALLVIEW - Platform of Centers of Professional Excellence in Furniture and Wood

The purpose of ALLVIEW is to implement the first European dual vocational training network of centers of professional excellence in the furniture and woodworking sector.



Results to reach:

  • Artificial Intelligence will be used to improve learning in order to predict future needs of workers in the sector. 
  • New dynamic plans of study will be developed based on learning in topics such as Industry 4.0, Circular Economy, Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • New tools and methodologies of education based on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D printing will be introduced.
  • The mobility of students and teachers in the European territory will be promoted.
  • A common European curriculum will be created in the area of Furniture and Wood.
  • We will collaborate very closely with the most innovative companies in Europe in order to obtain the best results in the case of Dual Vocational Training.





Project No.: 621192-EPP-2020-ES-EPPKA3-VET-COVE




 You can find here a brief presentation of the project: