08 Oct 2020


The objective of the ACCESS3DP project is to promote the craft and creative industry with a training plan on the essential enabling technologies of 3D printing (3DP) and Advanced Industrial Robotics (AIR), in order to provide them with digital competences apart from other transversal skills such as entrepreneurship and innovation for the practicality of their ideas.



Results to achieve:

  • Report on how VET providers can innovate and interconnect creative and traditional-craft industries (C-TICs)
  • Definition of a Joint Curriculum according to national and European regulations.
  • Learning modules development and integration via innovative and intuitive MOOD platform, based on the proffesional training curriculum defined.
  • Creation of a course assessment and grading resource pack to suppor ACCESS3DP course and learning module certification.
  • Implementation of a pilot course for the validation of the learning modules.  
  • Preparation and execution of a workshop in the form of a joint short-term staff training event focused on the craftsmen through 3D printing technology. This event will take place at the end of the project with the participation of Consortium partners and associated partners as well.


CMA69 (Coordinator, France), CETEM (Spain), CTCP (Portugal), STP (Slovenia), TUKE (Slovakia).


Project number: 2020-1-FR01-KA202-080183