01 Apr 2022


Supporting the twin digital and green transition on the manufacturing and traditional industry sectors through innovative VET resources.



Develop an innovative and interactive tool & a training course that will up- and re-skill VET learners (from upper secondary and current workers) providing them with the necessary digital and green skills and competences.


Results to be achieved: 


  • Online platform. It will include an interactive tool and e-training course on twin transition.
  • A Joint Curriculum, to cover the  knowledge needs
  • Learning experience report. As conclusion of a double learning experience, carried out with current (C-VET) and future workers (I-VET), the report will provide tips on how to implement the developed resources on both kind of VETs.
  • Blueprint on twin transition and Vocational Education and Training.


With the participation of the Karlsruhe Technical Institute (Germany) as Coordinator, the Universities of Vaasa (Finland), the Textile Testing Institute (Czech Republic), the Secondary Education Highschool José Luis Castillo Puche (Spain), in addition to CETEM (Spain).

Project lifetime: 01-04/2022 to 01-08-2024

Project code: