25 Apr 2022


D3PO is an inclusive learning project based on playable mechanics through 3D printable puzzles. Its main goal is to use traditional cognitive development mechanics (puzzles) with a modern narrative-based approach (similar to escape rooms), which can be distributed to the general public in an economical and safe way (3D printing).

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Results to be achieved: 

  • To design and apply a methodology in soft skills to able to help our target group, adults interested in social and inclusive dynamics that want to improve the relationship and cohesion of the team they take part in. This is especially helpful for people with difficulties to feel integrated into a certain team, especially in the case of people with fewer opportunities (impairment, immigration, refugees, social hindrances, and economic barriers). 
  • To allow the acquisition of competences such as teamwork, creativity or lateral thinking, extremely useful in the work environment, while promoting inclusivity, tolerance and the value of the individual as a fundamental pillar of the society of the future. 

Project website:

Project code:​ 2021-1-ES01-KA220-ADU-000035313

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