The Electronics and Home Automation team has experts in electronic, electrical and telecommunications engineering with proven experience in the following services and main areas of R&D:

Electronic R&D Engineering

• Development of electronic modules, equipment and systems tailored to the client's idea or concept.
• Development of highly integrated wearable devices with wireless communication (eg bluetooth) and very low consumption.
• Development of programmable hardware, software and firmware for embedded systems.
• Development of electronic solutions with smart textiles.
• Custom development of Android mobile applications.
• Design of high-performance systems (DSPs, FPGAs) for signal processing and rapid prototyping service for verification prior to serial production.

Home automation and wireless sensor networks

• Design of KNX home automation systems or other standards.
• Development of customized solutions with wireless sensor networks.

Automation and RFID

• Development of intelligent and connected sensing systems for the control and / or automation of industrial processes.
• Advice and implementation of RFID systems for production, storage and logistics.

Regulatory Advice

• Advice on CE marking, low voltage regulations and electromagnetic compatibility.
• Testing of electronic and electrical products.

Main R&D areas

• Intelligent assistance environments, called AAL (Ambient Assisted Living), through sensor networks and the monitoring of activity in furniture and wearables for healthcare services.
• Environmental Intelligence (AmI) to optimize the use of buildings or homes, including aspects such as energy efficiency and comfort.
• Development of portable medical devices for telemedicine.
• Development of devices and complete applications for Internet of Things or IoT (Internet of Things) for any type of final environment including domestic, medical and industrial or IIoT (Industrial IoT).

Contact: Rafael Maestre Ferriz
Responsible for the Area of Electronics and Home Automation

(+34) 968 75 20 40