This group of excellence, formed by a team of highly qualified chemists and engineers offers a wide range of services and activities that can be integrated in the following areas :

 Nanotechnology products:  

• Composite applications nanoscale for modification and / or improving the properties of a variety of materials (wood, fabric, foam…).

• Feasibility studies for the incorporation of nanotechnology to improve the properties of materials.

Phenomena of adhesion and adhesives:

• Formulation and development of new adhesives.
• Characterization techniques and study the phenomenon of adhesion.
• Optimization of the adhesive properties of the materials.

Polyurethane world:

• Formulation of flexible polyurethane foams with properties ‘on demand’.
• Characterization of the most important physical-mechanical properties of the foams.
• Study and synthesis of other elements Polyurethane (elastomers).

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