Product Testing

What is the product trial?

The technical product testings  must be understood how a esential phase to incorporate on the development of new products. It's a validation methodology thanks to which is possible to find out if a product is safe, resistant, last the test of time, etc, before its launch to the market. The technical product testings are make based on current regulations.

 CETEM finished product testing laboratory  is accredited by ENAC with accreditation Nº1356/LE2499  in accordance with the   UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 regulation, for the testing  activities defined in the technical annex available at the following link:



What problems does it solve?

Avoid putting defective or unsafe  product on the market. It avoid problems in  international operations, reduce the number of claims, complaints and returns, as the behavior, security, functionality and other aspects of the product are verified.

What competitive advantage get the company?

Companies find a added value in terms of efficiency and security, as the enterprise make sure to sell a product that meet with standards quality. Also, it makes it possible to open up for export and make easier the access to public purchases just as the product import. These guarantees differentiate them in the market from their clients and other stakeholders.

What is delivered to the customer?

 Testing report. It's a signed document where the tests are described and recorded, their results,  certain measurements and parameters, etc.


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